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Sprinkler head


Outlet pipe


Shower lifting suit


Globe valve


Support assembly


Handwheel assembly


Square angle valve


Sprinkler head


Enterprise employees

6 Million

Annual shipments

United States, Germany, Spain, Turkey

Exporting country

32 Million CNY

Annual sales

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Yuhuan Zhongxin Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is an emerging company specializing in sanitary hardware products. The company s manufacturing process covers casting, extrusion, stretching, forging, cold stamping, die casting, machining, polishing, pressure testing, assembly, packaging and other links, and the products are deeply trusted by customers.

We have cooperated with many senior electroplating manufacturers to provide Pb, CP, Sn, VB, orb, PVD, snpvd and other special surface treatment products, and can develop new surface treatment products according to the needs of customers.

Our management team has more than ten years of experience in design, production and service in the bathroom hardware industry, and can provide customers with high-quality and efficient full program services. At the same time, OEM or ODM services can be provided according to the needs of customers.

Although the company is still small, we attach great importance to quality, delivery and service. All employees must be trained and assessed before taking up their posts. The entire production process of all products from the beginning of material preparation to finished products is under strict on-site quality monitoring.

And, more importantly, our price is more competitive.

Integrity is priceless, and the world is boundless.

We look forward to becoming forever friends with you, and we will honor our promises with sincerity.

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Qualified quality is the obligation of society, and excellent quality is the contribution to society




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